About Me

10982235_824113440957997_7347170616827791314_nHere is where you can learn a little about me.

My name is Stephanie Noelle, and I am 25 years-old. I live in Tennessee (I am not telling you where exactly, because this is the internet and people are crazy). I was home schooled from 1st grade-12th grade. I was a cheerleader for seven years, five of which were for a competitive cheerleading team. I also did acting, modeling, and singing lessons. My first major in school was Preforming Arts. I am a college student, but had to take some time off due to my health. I am just a few classes away from graduating, so I am happy about that. I have a boyfriend of going on seven years this year. We were college sweethearts I guess you could say. We have big plans this year and next, so I am so excited to see where that road takes us.

I wanted to start this site to share the things that make me happy, with the hope that it can inspire and make others happy too.

I have a strong love for books, and read a lot. It is a huge part of my life, and I want to share that with everyone. You can go look at my bookshelf to see what books I recommend. We can have our own little book club. I am basically just going to post what i feel like posting. Outfit pictures, monthly favorites, hauls, maybe a Q&A? I love holidays so there will be a lot of decorating and party planning on here, maybe a whats in my bag. Leave me comments with ideas of what you would like too see?

I am currently writing four books, one YA and three Children’s books. I also would love to start working on some fashion stuff. So stay tuned!


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