Allow Me To Introduce Myself And My Babies!

Hi loves,

My name is Stephanie Noelle Autry, and I am 26. My birthday is in September, and I will be 27 (which blows my mind). I live in Knoxville, Tennessee (and lived in Nashville for awhile when I was younger. I have family there still). I have my Momma, Daddy and younger brother, Joshua who just turned 22 in January…. even though he calls me “Baby Sis”. Growing up I was homeschooled, but in seventh grade I started cheerleading and loved it. I then started competitive cheerleading (Go Sharks!), and loved it even more. I cheered in total for seven years. I have also coached cheerleading, and loved it! I have done dance (Jazz and Contemporary are my favorite, Ballet was not my forte). But my real love and passion is acting. I started that at 15 or 16. I cheered so much I did not get to focus on it as much as I wanted, so I decided to major in theater in college, and then quickly realized I did not really believe in putting a grade on someones¬† interpretation of art, because everyone interperpates things differently. But I also understood it from the academic standpoint. So I changed my major to just general associates, and am just a few credits short from graduating, but due to many different health factors I had to take some time off. I do fully intend to go back and graduate. If you’re curious, because lets face it most everyone is…. my health issues are I am a type one diabetic (since a week after my 12th birthday, I literally was in a coma for two days and almost died). Now I am also dealing with a condition called CRPS or previously known as RSD. I had shoulder surgery for a small tear and bursitis in my left shoulder, and after that it or possibly an injection caused the CRPS/RSD. It can go into remission, but never goes away. I get nerve blocks (which hurt!) and have just started Ketamine infusions. So I deal with chronic pain on a daily basis. I also have an unknown autoimmune disorder, that we thought was Lupus, but all tests came back fine. I also have¬†tachycardia (an overactive heart rate) and low blood pressure. So essentially I am a hot mess! I also deal with severe anxiety and a panic attack disorder.

On a lighter note, I have a Yorkie, named Lexi (Alexis Rinoa actually… or Lulu). And she is seriously the sassiest diva around. Her brother passed away last year, and we are still not over that. He was a puppy mill rescue, and was my baby! His name was Riley Fredrick (or Fred, Boo or Rileyboo).

I had a Siberian Husky, named Patches (or Peaches as my boyfriend called her). I did not name her, we stupidly let my father name her, in hopes that he would let us keep her. I wanted to name her Kiara. She died on Christmas of 2012 at the age of almost 10. She was our guard dog. She got very sick from Leptospirosis, and even though we kept taking her to the vet, they never properly diagnosed her. So on Christmas she was rushed to the emergency vet, and there was not much they could do. I literally cried for two weeks straight. And then happened to get Lexi, whose elderly owner had just passed away too. So we healed each other.

I also have three cats. Myah Elizabeth or “Baby Myah” is a tabby (who is not nice most of the time, unless it is my momma or daddy messing with her. She hates me for no apparent reason. And whatever you do, DO NOT WEAR UGG BOOTS AROUND HER! I am here to tell you she is not a fan. No clue why, she must think they are fuggly.

Willow Grace Kelly (my boyfriends last name is Kelly, and she is our “child”… so I thought Grace Kelly was perfect). She is 6 now, and I cannot believe it. She is still such a needy little baby. My momma and I share custody of her. She is a Bombay breed. She has her “babies” that she takes very good care of. Her favorite two seen in the first picture, are her monkey Theodore Monk Monk the third (I don’t know why or where the first and second are, but the third sounded cooler). And then there is Little Teddy. She has a pink bunny, Bunny Fufu. Olaf and Sven. And lastly a little baby duck, called Baby Quack Quack. She had a mouse, named Macy Mouse, but she met her demise unfortunately….. it is a sore topic still.


And then we have my kitty that is obsessed with me. Mesha Audrey (or Mesha Cat). She is 6 years old (same age as Willow) and is a Ragdoll breed. She is kind of my childhood dream cat, because I always wanted Sassy from Homeward Bound. And let me tell you, she is just like Sassy. I was given Mesha from my Aunt who was seriously allergic to her. I always wanted her, and it just happened that I ended up with her. When my Aunt rescued her, someone had her front feet declawed, which is like cutting off your toes to a cat. It is horrible and should be illegal. I call her my Baby Sloth because she sleeps all the time and lets you carry her around like a little sloth.

So as you can tell I am a huge animal lover, and hope to have another boy Maltese in the near future, and either name him Theo or Henry. I also want to get a boy German Shepard, named Dakota  and another girl Husky, named Mila, Lelo or Emma. I plan to one day start an animal rescue, that is on my bucket list. And yes, I have a bucket list.

So for now I will leave this about me section here, and if I update it I will let you know. I am also going to have a Q&A section that you can click for more info. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

With Love,

Stephanie Noelle


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