Meet My Fur Babies!

Animals are everything to me, and I wanted to dedicate a post to them and any of my fellow fur baby lovers. 🙂

I had a Australian Shepard/Siberian Husky mix named Patches (I did not pick that name, my father did. We thought it would soften him to let me keep my cute new puppy). We got her at a Walmart parking lot, people were giving them away and I had to have one. I had always wanted a dog. Her name was “Shy Girl” looking back, that should have been a sign that she would be difficult, by that I mean as she got older she was very, extremely overprotective and was snappy to people she either did not like or just saw as a threat, especially to me. She was my first baby, and when she passed it broke me. She had been having some bladder problems, and we kept taking her to the vet, they would do tests and give medication (that was not easy to give to her) and really did not seem to take it too seriously. Then Christmas Eve 2012, we all noticed she was acting strange and had started peeing blood, but at first nothing too bad. But as the night and next day, Christmas Day rolled around she had gotten even worse. She couldn’t walk, wouldn’t drink. So my boyfriend and momma carried her to the car and we went to an emergency vet, where it cost over $600 for the treatment. We found out she had Leptospirosis, and that is why her treatments for a “bad bladder infection” didn’t help.

A bacterial disease spread through the urine of infected animals.
Extremely rare
27 US cases in 2015
Treatable by a medical professional
Requires a medical diagnosis
Lab tests or imaging always required
Spreads by animals or insects
Short-term: resolves within days to weeks
Humans can get leptospirosis through direct contact with urine from infected animals or through water, soil, or food contaminated with their urine. It’s most common in warm climates.
High fever, headache, bleeding, muscle pain, chills, red eyes, and vomiting are some symptoms.
Without treatment, leptospirosis can lead to kidney and liver damage and even death. Antibiotics clear the infection.

I was very upset with that vets office, and didn’t want to ever go back (not the amazing one who treated Riley). She hid how sick she truly was, and I had extreme guilt for probably the next whole year or two. Even now, I feel like she could have been treated. She was possibly not going to make it through the night, and I couldn’t leave her, scared and sick. If she died alone, I would never forgive myself. I just couldn’t put her through all that. Even though a family friend told me she would pay the almost $1000 it would cost. I still just had a feeling that it was time to let go. I went back with her, and my momma. I surprisingly handled it better than I thought I would. she was wrapped in my Indian blanket I had since I was little, and we took her little collar off. I held her head in my hands (even though they kept telling me people could catch lepo, I did not give two shits. I laid my head down, and told her she always protected me, was such a strong, brave girl, but that she could let go. I promised her I would always be okay thanks to her, and it was my turn to protect her. Then I sang the song I sang to her every night since she was a baby, and did not want to go to sleep. It always worked! “Night, night Patches. Night, night. Night, night Patches. Night night”, then her heart slowed and stopped after I said I loved her so much. I broke right there. I cried every day and went into a very deep depression. I had been dealing with depression and anxiety/panic attacks pretty severely back then, so it snowballed.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and I was proven that on January 9th 2013. I found out about this little Yorkie (I had always wanted one). She had just lost her owner, and her owners brother did not want or take very good care of her. I was hesitant at first, but when this little hyper puppy came running to me in a leopard print jacket, carrying her favorite toy. I was a goner! She sat with my boyfriend and actually snapped at his nose, so he gave her treats to soften her up. She is now obsessed with her daddy, and is his girl. So we helped each other cope with our losses and that definitely helped.

I want to add some pictures of Patches, because as far as I am concerned she and Riley are still my babies, they are just waiting for me at the rainbow bridge.

Patches Keira ‘Peaches” Kelly. She loved cats by the way, Willow was her baby! Willow was very depressed after her death. Cried at my door every night and brought her stuffed babies to us.

Love you, and miss you so much my sweet blue eyed girl! (RIP Princess Patches!)
































Then (Back in 2009 when Patches was good and well, and before Lexi was even born), I adopted Riley, previously Toby was adopted on August 10th, when I was 16 years old (turning 17 the 6th of that next month), and all I wanted was a little Maltese girl. So my Momma surprised me after cheer practice and said we were going to look at some at a local rescue. All of these Maltese pups had been puppy mill rescues. I had taken my time with all of them, but nothing felt right. I was discouraged and thought I wouldn’t find the right one after all. So as we were leaving, I noticed in the very back of this huge black crate, was a little tiny white (or at the time more off-white, ball of fur) literally curled up into the smallest little ball. So I asked the lady if I could see him, and she was like he is really shy and a lot further behind socially than the others. I didn’t mind! So she crawled in and got him out, handed him to me and that was it. He laid down in my arms and lap, and I fell in love. My little Riley Fredrick Kelly! (RIP Little Fred, mommy loves you and misses you more than you know. Turtle is being taken care of and loves you!)


















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And then there is Myah Elizabeth (She is my momma’s baby, and a Tabby). She is going to be 8 in May (I think). We got her a year after I adopted Rileyboo. She was only 8 weeks old, and really still needed to be with her mom.


And then one day, after getting out of the hospital and just having a crappy few weeks, I said I want a black cat named Willow. So I found a cat named her Willow Grace Kelly, who I am slightly obsessed with. (She is a Bombay and 5 years old). She was only 6 weeks old when I got her, and was the smallest one, and the only solid black baby girl. I wanted her brother too, but figured my father would strangle me, cause we didn’t tell him ahead of time of our plans. Honestly I wish I had taken them all and rehomed them. They were on this little porch and running around, it was hard to just pick one. But I am so thankful I picked Willow. She is a cat like no other. Her personality is bigger than the state of Texas. She is mine and my boyfriends baby, but she is shared with my mother. We often say we have joint custody of her. She will be 6 on August 26th.




















And then Miss Alexis Terra Kelly came along in her little leopard jacket, favorite toy (that she will play “go get it” for hours with, and a huge personality), as I stated above in my story of Patches. She was previously named Darla, and that had to go. I was going to name her Lacey, but ended up going with Lexi…. she was more of a Lexi. They said she was 4 when I got her, but I thought she looked and acted younger like maybe a 2 year old. So I say she is around 6ish. I don’t really know, a lot of her background wasn’t given, other than she lived with this older lady who passed away. She was spoiled from the very beginning though. At first her and Riley would get into fights, but after like 8 months, they were bonded. I didn’t even realize how much until Riley was gone. Lexi loves a good photoshoot “pose pretty” moment….. so enjoy!














And a new cat, who was rescued from Nashville Cat Rescue. My aunt was really allergic, and knew how much I loved this baby, so she brought her to me. And Mesha has picked me as her person. I love it! So meet Mesha Audrey Kelly (She is a Ragdoll). She is also 5 years old. She is another blue eyed baby girl, and I love her so much! Hope you enjoyed meeting my babies.


















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